turns out I’m fucking amazing at beer pong. 

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the rest of my band has game but all i got for game is like monopoly 

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when the person you like starts dating someone else


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Morning light on Denali at Reflection Pond © Jacob W. Frank Photography
Denali National Park, Alaska
Flickr / wwwjwfrankcom oldtreason
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how do i ask a girl to homecoming 

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My laptop is hotter than my sex life

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if i see a nice booty you bet I’m gonna reblog it 

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  • Family: *insults my weight*
  • Family: *insults my interests*
  • Family: *insults my friends*
  • Family: *insults my music*
  • Family: *judges me constantly*
  • Family: you're being so rude why aren't you spending time with us
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