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Hi yes someone come over and cuddle and watch family guy and play acoustic guitar with me thank you

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Dreamer’s Disease // letlive. [x]
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Who wants to do me

a favor

and have sex with me

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My band in Times Square after recording our debut album, releasing in November! The single comes out later this week ;)


YOU WANNA GO *gives you flowers* ON A DATE

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f is for friends who abandoned me after 8th grade

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Being a disappointment to my family has really made me try to learn not to care

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i really don’t think anyone is ever going to fall in love with me and that’s so fucking painful to think about 

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Dirty Jenga anyone?
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Story time

When my band was recording in New York we went to Manhattan for a day. So we had a black back pack and I had my camera in it and some jackets and shit. So our train back to Long Island was at midnight and at this point it was like 11:30 so we went out for cigarettes and shit, and when we did my drummer put the bag down OUTSIDE Penn Station and when we went back in to catch the train, we left the bag. So we run back up 3 stories and through the entire station to the front gates to see if our bag was there, and it wasn’t. So we went to security and I was like “have you guys seen a back pack?” And they got all freaked out and were like “what was in it?” And I told them my camera and a couple jackets and the guys like “I need to see some ID” so I give him my ID and there’s like police and shit everywhere and he gets the bag and hands it to me and goes “i hope you guys know you caused a bomb threat. All rails going in and all rails going out were shut down” so the first time I went to NYC I was a national terrorist. How punk is that right? The end.

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